Is it ever okay for an author or artist to give their work away for free? Join Brian, Dave, and special guests author Stephen Kozeniewski and filmmaker Mike Lombardo as they discuss whether it’s ever acceptable to break Harlan Ellison’s golden rule of “Pay the writer”. Plus — Dave’s Top TV Picks for 2016, a new David J. Schow, a new CHILD’S PLAY, a new TWIN PEAKS, a new excuse for B&N’s continuing sales decline, and warning signs indicating a possible downturn for small press horror.

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ALL NEW! Kevin Strange versus Extreme Horror and Bizarro! WHC versus HWA! Brian and Bleeding Cool’s Jude Terror and Rich Johnston versus Marvel Entertainment VP Stephen Wacker! Dave and Phoebe versus a herd of deer! Plus BLACK MIRROR, WESTWORLD, Steve Vai, and complete details on the upcoming 100th episode live telethon!

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THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE reaches its milestone 100th episode later this month. To celebrate, we’ll be doing a live, 24-hour telethon from 12pm (EST) on Thursday, January 26th to 12pm (EST) on Friday, January 27th. During this live broadcast, we hope to raise $10,000 for Scares That Care — a 501C charity which you can learn more about here.

This live event will be streamed online worldwide via Brian’s YouTube Channel, and will feature an array of special guests, surprises, and all the usual stuff you’ve come to expect from the show over the last two years.

If you’d like to watch it in person and perhaps appear on the show yourself, you can come be a part of our live studio audience. We’ll be recording at Holiday Inn Express Hunt Valley, 11200 York Road, Cockeysville MD 21030.

We’ll be using the hashtag #HorrorShow100 on Twitter, mostly because that’s what the young people like.

We hope to see some of you in person at the event. For those who can’t make it, we hope you’ll tune in, listen, and donate to this very worthy cause.

Podcast T-Shirt To Benefit Scares That Care

The Horror Show with Brian Keene, is quickly approaching its 100th episode (which will be a special 24-hour telethon to raise money for the Scares That Care 501C charity). To celebrate, our new network, Project Entertainment, has partnered with Teespring to create these limited edition commemorative t-shirts. 100% of the proceeds from the shirts will go to Scares That Care. But the shirts are only available for a limited time, so CLICK HERE TO ORDER.


As a divided America teeters on the brink, one man offers words of hope — and that man is…Coop? Plus, all the details on the Episode 100 Scares That Care telethon, a serial killer’s Amazon customer reviews, the new Jack Ketchum novel, Danny Trejo is not dead, Dave’s review of Marillion’s concert, Stephen Kozeniewski’s review of Shin Godzilla, and Brian breaks in new boss Armand Rosamilia

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Author Dan Padavona sits down with Brian and Dave to discuss what it’s like to be the son of Ronnie James Dio, his books, the impact of Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum, and others on his work, and engage in some free style rap. Plus — Steve Dillon in remembrance, sexual harassment at WFC, the ghost of RJ Cavender, trouble at Audio Realms, and new horizons for Paul Tremblay, RL Stine, and Jude Terror.

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