Episode 150 – I WANT TO BELIEVE

Brian and Mary have a close encounter. Edward Kramer goes back to court. S.T. Joshi offers a new Research Fellowship. Dave rakes in that Twitch money. And the gang countdown Brian’s picks for the best fifteen horror novels of 2017, with Stephen Kozeniewski, Grady Hendrix, Victor Lavalle, Maurice Broaddus, Rio Youers, Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason, Josh Malerman, Christopher Golden, John Urbancik, Matt Hayward, Nate Southard, Jason Ridler, Ronald Malfi, Somer Canon, and Wesley Southard.

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One thought on “Episode 150 – I WANT TO BELIEVE

  1. JR Fryer

    Hey guys,

    Another great episode. And another one up my alley, actually. My day-job is a grants manager, so thought I’d throw some suggestions/info your way, in case Mary decides to apply for the Research Fellowship.

    First, the abstract (if as written as you described) would be your elevator pitch. It outlines the why and wherefores of your research concept, as well as why funding it benefits academia/writing. This needs to be very strong, as many times reviewers don’t even read beyond it.

    Second, the proposal section outlines your aims and goals, as well as a timeline of how you’ll meet those aims and goals. I’d also strongly suggest including a budget and budget justification (even if one isn’t specifically requested). It shows you know how the money will be spent to accomplish the project. You might include details about matching funds – ’cause $1,500 a month isn’t going far, depending on your proposal’s requirements.

    Please note, as (I’m assuming) Mary would be applying as an individual, rather than in association with an academic institution, she’d be assuming all the tax consequences (grants/fellowships are considered income). So keep that in mind.

    Hope that help! If you need an grant guidance, feel free to email me.



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