3 thoughts on “Episode 149 – WHITE CASTLE

  1. JR Fryer

    This brought back memories of my childhood, running D&D for the family… Props to DungeonMaster for not Player-Killing Brian outright, ’cause I’d have Disintegrated his Barbarian ass in the first ten minutes XD

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. JR Fryer

    Hi Brian,

    As a follow up to my previous comment, I wanted to suggest two games for you.

    First is Fantasy Friends – an alternative setting for the Golden Sky Stories RPG (I’ve added the links below). It’s a combat-free game, very simple (yet deep) design, and allows you to play the beholder and help out the villagers near your dungeon. Considering the themes DM was trying to convey and Mary’s reactions to certain narrative beats, I think this game would be something they’d truly enjoy playing together. Even Grumpy-Cat Dave might enjoy playing a Grumpy-Cat Rakshasa 😉

    The other suggestion I have is the PIP System. It’s specifically designed for kids DungeonMaster’s age and is setting-free, so he’d be able to create whatever world he wanted (fantasy, sci-fi, superhero, etc). Quite an elegant, little system with very little dice/math to interfere with actually playing.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling, but this episode had the game-designer in me smiling throughout.

    Looking forward to the new year!



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