Dungeonmaster 77.1 returns with a challenge for the listening audience, and Dave reveals the details of the impending launch of his Twitch channel. Then, Phoebe interviews Joe R. Lansdale, Edward Lee, Armand & Shelly Rosamilia, Ronald Malfi, Paul Tremblay, Adam Cesare, Matt Serafini, Chet Williamson, Bob Ford, Jacob Haddon, Kelli Owen, Kyle Lybeck, Wrath James White, Scott Cole, Matt Hayward, Rachel Autumn Deering, Ralph Bieber, Steven L. Shrewsbury, Christian Jensen, Stephen Kozeniewski and The Horror Show’s own Mary SanGiovanni. Plus, Cohesion Press shuts their doors, and David Barbee gets a blurb.

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2 thoughts on “EPISODE 143 – PHOEBE UNLEASHED

  1. JR Fryer

    Hey Brian,

    Great show as always. You guys have become like old friends, bumming a ride in my car, and rambling about everything cool and keen (yeah, I haven’t had my coffee yet…sue me).

    Just had a possible correction for you. Looks like Ragnarok is not closing its doors. In case you hadn’t seen it yet: https://www.ragnarokpub.com/single-post/2017/11/15/Changes-at-Ragnarok

    Looking forward to the new year. Thank you for your truly amazing work!

    1. briankeene@live.com Post author

      Just saw this. Unfortunately, this week’s show is already recorded, but we’ll include this note next week.


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