ALL NEW! Kevin Strange versus Extreme Horror and Bizarro! WHC versus HWA! Brian and Bleeding Cool’s Jude Terror and Rich Johnston versus Marvel Entertainment VP Stephen Wacker! Dave and Phoebe versus a herd of deer! Plus BLACK MIRROR, WESTWORLD, Steve Vai, and complete details on the upcoming 100th episode live telethon!

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2 thoughts on “EPISODE 97 – BRING THE NOISE

  1. Jeremy Maddux

    “We don’t censor people. Oh, btw, Kevin Strange, you’re banned from the show!”

    I swear, Keene. You are so far out of your depth on this one. I know Strange a hell of a lot better than you do.

    1. briankeene@live.com Post author

      Except I’m not censoring him. Nor am I impugning on his freedom of speech. Kevin has the freedom to state his opinion via his Blog, his podcast, his social media accounts, etc. without fear of being prosecuted or jailed. It’s a freedom I believe very strongly in, and served to protect. And that freedom even applies to halfwits like yourself, that are “so far out of their depth” when it comes to logic, critical thinking, or nuance.

      I like Kevin. I like his work. His politics don’t offend me. But I strongly disagree with his stance on this particular matter. If he wants to defend or excuse the harasser, that is his right. I will not let my privately-held, non government subsidized podcast be a platform for it. That is my right.

      Hopefully these thoughts and ideas are shallow enough for you to understand.


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