SCOTT EDELMAN — Brian and Dave go on location to talk with the legendary Scott Edelman about his work at Marvel and DC Comics in the 70s and 80s, his memories of creators such as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Steve Gerber, how today’s diversity discussion echoes the past, his work for The Syfy Channel, Hanna-Barbera, and Tales From the Darkside much more. Plus: Dave analyzes Brian’s love of disco, Rick Baker retires, Fallout 4 is announced, and Brian’s Libertarian commentary on the Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies vs. the Left is interrupted by a meth-head with fireworks. Special end bonus — Brian sings Air Supply!

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3 thoughts on “EPISODE 19

  1. Nathan Filizzi

    For the mailbag episode, I was wondering if Brian had any good psycho stalker stories that don’t involve Pacione.


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