STEPHEN KOZENIEWSKI – Brian and Dave are joined in the studio by horror, crime-noir, and bizarro author Stephen Kozeniewski (BRAINEATER JONES, THE GHOUL ARCHIPELAGO) to discuss his Bronze Star, and how classical Russian literature and zombie novels have influenced his work. Plus the Baltimore riots; why Brian isn’t allowed on TALKING DEAD; how a Parsec Award nomination brings only more angst for your hosts; the first installment of Dave Is Right About Things; and a fond remembrance of classic tabletop role-playing games such as WARHAMMER, GAMMA WORLD, and TWILIGHT 2000.

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One thought on “EPISODE 13

  1. Rick Thomas

    Great podcast! If you guys do get a D&D or other RPG night together, please record it so we can hear how the game goes. It would be fun to listen to everyone.


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