Episode 155 – THE BLACKLIST

The Horror Show investigates the allegations of multiple authors concerning Dark Regions Press and Sinister Grin Press — and receive two very different responses from the publishers themselves. Plus, Bill Crider in remembrance, more bad news for Barnes and Noble, more HWA improvements, and Brian, Dave, and Mary bet on this year’s Bram Stoker Awards ballot.

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Brian and guest co-host Stephen Kozeniewski sit down with Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason — the Sisters of Slaughter — to discuss what it’s like for twins to collaborate, their influences, their “sudden” success, the unique challenges facing a new generation of women in horror, the mentorship of Ronald Kelly, and much more. Then, back in the studio, Dave and Phoebe discuss the 2018 Splatterpunk Award nominees, the Stoker Awards final ballot, and Rob Zombie’s plans to resurrect The Devil’s Rejects.

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Brian, Dave, and Mary offer a remembrance and career retrospective of Jack Ketchum, and how his works, his kindness, and his humility impacted, influenced, and changed the genre forever. Also included are Edward Lee’s thoughts on his friend’s final years, and a replay of Brian’s interview with Ketchum (from 2016). Plus — artist Mike Parks also remembered, David J. Schow named as the first J.F. Gonzalez Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, the COMPLETE DETAILS on the second annual Horror Show 24-hour telethon, and the formation of… The Blacklist.

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Last year, The Horror Show with Brian Keene held a 24-hour live streaming telethon to raise money for Scares That Care, a 501C(3) charity that helps children with cancer, women with breast cancer, and burn victims. Our goal for that 24-hour period was $10,000. Thanks to the kindness of the horror genre — both the fans and the professionals who make up our community — we exceeded that goal.

This year, we are doubling our goal, and intend to raise $20,000 is 24 hours. Once again, the beneficiary will be Scares That Care. All of the money raised will go directly to the charity. STC is a completely volunteer organization. None of our staff and no one on the Board of Directors draws a salary. The money goes directly to the families in need.

The 2018 Horror Show with Brian Keene Telethon will begin at noon (EST) on May 11 and end at noon (EST) on May 12. Just like last year, it will be livestreamed across the world via YouTube. It will be free to listen to, so no matter where you live, you can participate.

You can also attend the telethon, and be part of our live studio audience. The telethon will be held at Courtyard Marriott 2799 Concord Road, York PA 17402. You will need a ticket to be part of the live studio audience. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased here. Seating is limited to 80 people. (All proceeds raised from ticket sales will go directly to the $20,000 goal). Your ticket guarantees you 24-hour admission to the telethon — come and go (and sleep) as you please. Please note that by purchasing a ticket and attending, you are granting The Horror Show with Brian Keene permission to broadcast your voice and/or likeness live on the air.

One more important note:

Last year, a number of well-meaning publishers, authors, celebrities, etc. took to social media during the telethon with promises to their followers and fans that “If you buy my book or movie in the next 24 hours, I’ll donate the money to Scares That Care.” Some of them followed through with this. Others did not. Therefore, this year will we not be recognizing or endorsing any such effort by mentioning it on the air.

The best way for publishers, authors, musicians, and celebrities to help is to promote the telethon as it is happening. Encourage your followers and fans to tune in to the live-stream. More importantly, encourage them to donate. If you would like to organize a fundraising drive to benefit the charity, do it in advance, and then donate the money the day of the telethon. Call into the show or send us a message with your donation. “Hi, Brian. This is Fred Spacklepaste, author of Your Mom Is A Vampire. Over the last month, my fans raised $500 for Scares That Care, and I’ve just sent it in.” That is something we will gladly recognize and announce on the air.

In short, this isn’t about promoting your product. It’s about raising money for kids with cancer and burns.

So, to recap:

WHAT: The Horror Show with Brian Keene 2018 Telethon — a live, 24-hour event that will be streamed around the world for free, during which we will raise $20,000 for charity.

WHEN: May 11 and 12, 2018

WHERE: In person at Courtyard Marriott 2799 Concord Road, York PA 17402, or listen for free from the comfort of your home.

TO BE PART OF THE STUDIO AUDIENCE: Click here and buy a ticket. Limited to 80 people.

WHO WILL BE THERE: Well, Brian Keene obviously, along with Dave Thomas, Mary SanGiovanni, Mike Lombardo, Phoebe, Coop, Other Brian Smith and the rest of The Horror Show staff. Scares That Care’s Joe Ripple will be on hand. Celebrity guests such as Dan Padavona, Scott Edelman, Christian Jensen, and many –many — more are scheduled to appear, as well.

With your help, we can do this, and once again show the world how giving and charitable the horror genre’s fans and professionals can be.

Episode 152 – PAUL GOBLIRSCH 2018

Publisher Paul Goblirsch returns to the show and sits down with Brian and guest co-host Stephen Kozeniewski to talk about the future of Thunderstorm Books, his newest imprint, and meeting his idol Richard Chizmar. Then, Brian, Dave and Mary fix porn and comic books in one fell swoop (using secret weapon Mike Lombardo). Plus, the 2018 Splatterpunk Awards, tragedy strikes Gerald Winters & Son’s Stephen King collection, and author Justin R. Macumber in remembrance.

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Brian, Dave, and Mary have a roundtable discussion of J.F. Gonzalez’s post-apocalyptic cosmic horror novel PRIMITIVE (including some surprising Weston Ochse and Cathy Gonzalez-related Easter Eggs, and the hidden link between the novel and Brian’s THE COMPLEX). Plus, a horror cover model is arrested for murder, and the infamous Cannibal Cop writes a horror novel.

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Episode 150 – I WANT TO BELIEVE

Brian and Mary have a close encounter. Edward Kramer goes back to court. S.T. Joshi offers a new Research Fellowship. Dave rakes in that Twitch money. And the gang countdown Brian’s picks for the best fifteen horror novels of 2017, with Stephen Kozeniewski, Grady Hendrix, Victor Lavalle, Maurice Broaddus, Rio Youers, Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason, Josh Malerman, Christopher Golden, John Urbancik, Matt Hayward, Nate Southard, Jason Ridler, Ronald Malfi, Somer Canon, and Wesley Southard.

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In their annual holiday episode, Dave and Phoebe discuss their favorite drinks, Christmas books, College football bowl games, and Phoebe’s brush with the law. They also offer quick reviews of THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE, THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, and HAPPY.

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